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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Daniel Garcia - Jacob's Ladder explanation

This is also from Daniel Garcia - Symphony.
A magic trick using a rubber band and a bill.
The dollar bill penetrates visually through the rubber band.

here the tutorial for Symphony dvd by D. Garcia
you can see how he does the last 'strand' in the 'live' performance watch the top of the bill closely
acctualy this is very simple trick who every body can do i know this trick very killer magic trick.i am sure if u do this trick for the common people,they will be surpise couse they don't know about basic trick.but if u do this trick among magician they will be know very quickly.
and i will tell u about this magic how to do.
1.just get new bill and than u can fold the bill like on video
2.acctualy after u fold half the bill,u must fold the top of bill so there are small fold on the top of bill
3.after that just follow the video how he do it
just practice more i belive u can do it vert easy.and i have been prove this trick to many friends of mine and the trick was working.
i am very glad when i show this trick to my friends and they are impressing me,..
i hope u can do it like me...
good luck.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thnks its look like

|--------|_____________ String
| ^ |_____________
| fold |
|_______ |

Am i Right ? is that what you mean ?

Anonymous said...

what does he mean for #2?

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