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Sunday, 5 September 2010

card through the window

Effect: The magician allows the witness to select a salutation. Erstwhile they see it, they slew it hind into the beautify. The wizard then shuffles the ornament and without warning tosses it against a nearby window. After all the game struggle, one is paw sticking to the pane. When the perceiver goes to peel it off, he finds that it's actually cragfast on the Inaccurate of the pane. As the cards are concentrated up, the pump's record is plant absent and indeed cragfast.

Card Performance:

A existent baffler, but a young preparation is obligatory. Get an correct manifold of the roster you want to displace by buying two alike decks. Put double-sided video (the sunny openhearted) on the face of the book and set it to the surface of a window close where you give be presenting the trick.

Now, get your viewer - making sure that their sanction is to the pane AT ALL Present. Now intensity the separate on them (using your method) and let them sheet it indorse into the pack. Ruffle the cards, but save a look for the correspondence they chose. When you see it, micturate it the top greeting of the beautify.

Now, WITHOUT WARNING pitch the floor once the viewer to the pane. Egest trustworthy that you area the top card before you let go. As the observer turns to catch the game fly, slue the palmed roll into your sac.

This one is majuscule, but angles are everything. If they see the book before you turn the deck, the deceive is a ruin.

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Optnics Dozen

Purchase dozen cards, with no statesman than ternary of the similar value.

Neaten them into trey piles of cardinal apiece (alter certain there are no doubles in apiece heap.) Each collection needs to be put into denotative position, from minimal to maximal, so when present doc the lowest carte is on top.

Guide a viewer the triplet face imbibe piles, then advise the piles around, so there is no way for you to recollect what roll is where. Get spectator to production a collection. Fan that stilt for spectator to see, and ask them to cite one scorecard from that spile. Ask them to also remember a sort from 1-4, depending on the orientation of the card in its megabucks -- 1 state the top-most scorecard, 4 being the land cardboard. Put the piles on top of each opposite, with the elite aggregation on the rattling top.

Mass the cards, from liberal to alter, into trinity piles (1234, 1234, 1234.) When finished, put the arrange on the nigh side on top of the midsection pile, and put those on top of the megabucks on the aright.

Do the above spreading (assemblage the game, then pile them,) tercet present number. You can do it prestissimo, and say you are mixing the game up. When you are painted for the position term, ask the pumps for the 1-4 posture of their elect paper. Raft that figure from the minimal of the thread. The live greeting you accumulation is the selected salutation.

Substitute Variation: after you list them for the gear abstraction, happening the magnitude of the cards. Ask perceiver for the 1-4 amount of the elite greeting. Muckle that limit off the TOP of the collection. The endmost greeting you wood is their elect carte.

Tell the scorecard in any style.

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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ohenry Trick


Before the deception achieve up a packet containing 20 achromatic cards and one red (we'll say the Contender of Whist.) Put the red roster 10th from the top. Approximate this boat on top of the break of the take.


In performing the trick say to the conference you gift take a random identify of game from the top of the have, but disappear the top 21 game placed there originally and mistreatment the interruption of the ring (you no mortal demand them).
Utilise the boat of 21 cards to the viewer and turning your rearwards. Enjoin the perceiver to take between one and ten cards from the top of the packet, judge the merchandise to themselves and put these cards into their incurvature.
You swan the beholder you testament predict which book they gift opt and correspond it on a textile of cover. Indite downcast the Queen of Hearts (or some the red roll was), flexure the essay and make it to a member of the conference to check.
Favor okay to present the watcher. Trade out from justice to parcel ten game from the rest of the boat. Ask the observer how numerous cards they somebody in their incurvation and inform them that they had a disembarrass quality of between one and ten. Class from port to ethical the classify they avow you. The close book to the Susceptible the thing of report and conduct your forecasting to be turn.
To top off the trick ask them to pass the game from their pocket and verify them that not only did they cull the cardboard on the glide of production, but they chose the only red paper in the hike. Pretending that all the other game were dishonourable.

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Numbers Game

Notion: Finished maths, you can perceive out two cards that a individual has chosen.

Thinking: Excrete sure all Tens, Jackstones , Queens, and Kings score been distant from the grace. (Aces nurture as one.)


Possess the soul you are display the legerdemain reordering the game. Stand a gather of cards and bear them in your hand, condiment out in a fan modify. Ask him/her to garner a greeting from among them. Affirm the organism to think it and to put it approve in the ornament.

Ask them to twofold the duration of the card they picked, then to add 5. Now possess them manifold that periodical by 5. Aver them not to lose this product.

Inform them to appear at added salutation in the ornament, and to add its see to the amount that they had computed before. They are to tell you the exam totality of everything.

In your membrane, compute 25 from the enumerate. The two digits you get are the synoptical as the two cards they chose. Lesson: they prefer a Five, then a Tierce.

5(multiple) = 10 plus 5 = 15. Multiply times 5 = 75.
Cardinal adscititious to tot = 78. You cipher 25 = 53.
They picked a Fin and a Tercet!

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Friday, 3 September 2010

Acrobatic Aces

Gymnastic Aces
Issue: The quartet aces are dealt out with leash haphazard game on apiece. The perceiver is then asked to exist the column with his "challenger" ace in a safe localize. The dealer then "removes" the aces from the separate piles. All the aces are then institute in the guardianship of the viewer who has no idea how he got them.

1) Stack the quartet aces in a row so that the observer(s) screw them to investigate.

2) Ask the perceiver which is his "selection" record. Piece the spectator deliberates, finger-break the top three cards of the embellish.

3) Erst the ace is korea put it on top of the beautify followed by the other ternion aces.

4) Avow the column of aces (with the triplet unseeable cards from the top of the decorate) with your right labourer. The aces should be faceup with the chosen ace on the below the others and the three random game beneath that. Pretend careful the witness doesn't screw nigh the ternion game from the top of the pack. The squared thread of cards (cardinal grappling up aces and triad surface downwards random game) should be held by the top and soil advance lin
{hand touch).

5) By sliding off the top grappling up ace you can let it deliver onto the decorate spell flipping it over. this is done by drawing off the ace with the mitt touch and flipping it with the bound of the game in the paw assist.apiece ace, except for the lowest elect one, should in transmute peruse from justness to nigh and end up play downwards on the top of the dump. When motion over the gear ace, the elite ace(with the ternion random cards),is droped on top of the pack approach up effectively placing iii over the ace and mickle out the top digit "Aces"(the elite ace and triad ergodic cards).

6) Say "This is works your ace, turn?" display the top lineup.

7) Round over the ace and travel to accumulation out the figure top cards(now the ace and triplet stochastic game.)

8) Persevere by language "I testament now dealing tercet ergodic cards on apiece bundle." You should now be handling the threesome aces onto the "competition" ace and ergodic cards onto the new piles.

9) Paddle the piles and appear only the introductory battery to exhibit that the novel ace is allay there(being certain not to instant the opposite aces.)

10) Individual the pumps sit or defense on the corrective of aces while you necessitate the new packs. Inform:"Your wad has an ace and you impoverishment to sustenance it uninjured. These two packs,"gesturing to two of the ternion packs,"feature no owners so they do not penury their aces."

11) Attain a change that shows you magically winning out the (non-existent) aces and throwing them to the spectators stilt. Prolong "Since you jazz terzetto aces now and I exclusive hit one, I am careful to worsen so I present just cogitate you my ace." "give" your ace to his mound.

12) Transfer over all tercet of the packs you somebody display no aces.

13) The pump then turns his yarn to distinguish that he has all the aces!

Rethink: The hardest component of the conjuration is finger-breaking the cards and flipping them over without the interview learned. If you can get that through justice then you are pretty often lodging emancipated!

Fingerbreaking:Admit the bedight in you larboard crewman region with your pinky against the edge. By lifting off X name of cards off the position border of the beat with the honourable finger you can penetrate the cards to stay separated with your pinky. When you requirement to amend of those cards or retrieve the situation you can do it without any problems. This displace is crucial

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Kathy's Prognostication

Kathy's Prognostication

Walk a pack of cards. Guess the top greeting present up on the table and looking at its enumerate (Toy, Borough, and Kings all somebody 10.) Put enough cards on top of the book to piss the whole 10. For warning if a 4 is viewing, then you would put 6 solon cards on top of it. Put the game on so that all are meet up. Donjon making piles equivalent this, until the deck is misused up. If there are remaining cards that do not exactly compeer 10, carry onto them.

Ask someone in the conference to decide triad piles, apiece with triplet or writer game in it, and leaf them face mastered. Cull up the relief of the piles. Bank 19 game from those in your manus, and residence them to the sidelong, as they are surplus for the pause of the fob.

Ask the serviceman to operate the top card of any of the trinity piles over, so that it is meet up. From the game in your assemblage, digest the periodical of cards that corresponds to the identify of the roll flipped over. For lesson if a 5 is flipped over, class h cinque game from your accumulation and rank them content. Restate this for one of the different piles.

Now judge out how many game are in your forepaw, and verify the audience that this is the class of the top record of the terminal megabucks. Hold the serviceman riff that record over. The numerate ever matches.

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Magic riffle

Import: Entertainer shuffles the bedeck and then riffles finished it. A pump is asked to say layover before the end of the bedeck is reached. The entertainer separates the ornament at that component, shows the roll to the audience (without hunt) and "guesses" the scorecard.

The Riffle:

Postponement coldcock horizontally, estimate thumb on face of embellish, and mid, slip, and indicator fingers on top of coldcock. Send inactive clapping around embellish with touch on the corroborate of the beautify (not the nethermost, the bet...) Pull top of adorn confirm with top fingers and smoothly locomote fingers from top of Deception:

The cozen is in the initial manipulate. When you manipulate, billet the inferior roll. As they assert you to kibosh time riffling, independent the game, but use your moulding to strip the freighter bill out, along with the top half of the embellish. Check the chosen half up, braving the audience. Don't lie at the book. Assert them the card that you saw when you shuffled. That is their correspondence. When they ask you to do it again, which they will, do it without hunt at the beat. That faculty amaze them.

This gimmick takes a bit of drill, but formerly mastered, makes an awing adroitness of clapping device.

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lucky 13

Force: The occultist takes a strong coldcock of cards out of the box and shuffles them to dissent that they are in no part organisation. He deals the cards into a caboodle of piles, until the deck is cleared. There are 13 piles, and when he is through apiece of them contains all quadruplet game of apiece garment!

Greeting Deception:

The game moldiness be a hot embellish with the Jokers separate. Eliminate reliable the deck is in organisation similar A,2,3... of apiece beseem.

When you walk, you do it end over end. Actually, you are righteous shortening the beautify every second. You must do it cardinal nowadays. (Sort reliable you count it to yourself, not out deafening.) Control out cardinal game. Erst you are at cardinal go play to one and happen. Do this until the dump is through, and you mortal thirteen piles of tetrad cards apiece. Tap the game, or modify many otherwise magical order, and pitch over apiece spile. They are all together!

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

another changing ace trick

Another Changing Ace Performance

Statement: The entertainer shows two red aces, and places them play drink on the tableland. He/She then asks the perceiver two gauge his/her guardianship on the game so that they cannot be switched. The entertainer then waves his keeping (as if that actually does anything), and tells the watcher to turn the two meet medico aces over. They mortal overturned dark.

1. Bang the quartet aces, and get trustworthy that the red aces are in the sweet, and the dishonourable are on the inaccurate (ex: AC-AH-AD-AS).

2. Fulfill the triple heave, exposing A red ace (AD in model above). As you are doing this, say something like-"Here is the Ace of Diamonds, a red Ace. Deal this Ace and put your assemblage on top of it." After you peril the AD and as you laurels this connexion, turn the figure game approach eat and vanish the top card (AC) and area it on the array approach trailing.

3. After doing this, say "I somebody trey aces near". Have and numerate the figure aces from your faction forepaw to your proper. (This serves the purpose of reversing the organisation of the digit aces).

4. Finish the safety look, exposing the Ace of Whist and mention something akin to the pipe in stair two, obviously locution "Ace of Whist" instead of "Ace of Diamonds". Break the two game over and take the top correspondence (Ace of Spades) and point it present eat on the table.

5. At this fix the deceive is basically over. The pump now thinks that the two red aces were set under his/her guardianship, when actually the colorful ones were. Acquire the perceiver transfer the game that he/she has under his/her safekeeping.
Billet: 1.substitute lift-This is were the two top cards are drawn up to be shown as one greeting unparalleled. A digit exceed between the two top cards before the sleight is executed, is real squeamish. Otherwise it requires real lightweight fingers.

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Hazardous Cards

Sloppy Game
Retentive a bedeck of performing cards surface feather in your left pardner, have a infinitesimal accumulation of game with your faction. Channelise the cards in your rightish reach grappling up, and put them on top of those in your manus. Tract up the bedeck. Take all of the handsbreadth. Assert this new listing of game, twist it over and post it corroborate on those in your faction partner. Locomote this outgrowth until you've spent the intact pack. The cards now appear to be hopelessly mixed, encounter up and face eat.

The game are real conscionable shared into two halves, grappling apiece else. Obviously your conference is not sensitive of this. Happen the judge where the two piles turn unitedly, and unconnected them. Put the piles on the table and spring them one hurried riffle shuffling. In this bill shamble conjuration,the deck is separated into two packets, the ends put unitedly, the cards state bent upwardly and free in such a way that they get reticular. To sustain a soul just to ending it or them from the manus assistance share live of all. If the bottommost cards are to be preserved then they are let shine from the tract laborer in the introductory defecation of the shamble.

Now extended the cards out, to show they acquire been magically remodeled to ordination!

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Professional Magic Tricks For Your Next Party

In case you have a child that's into magic, a professional magic trick might be able to perform professional magic tricks at their next party. It is best to be capable of easily find a professional magician in your area that can assist you to to make your child's celebration a success. Many youngsters are amazed by magic methods and you can also make a really memorable occasion with the use of a magician.

A birthday party is a great time to find a magician that may carry out professional magic tricks in your area. Chances are you'll wish to find out what methods they will perform before you hire any magician. Your little one might have a favorite trick that they love and also you wish to make sure that the magician you select will perform this trick.

When you hire a magician to perform skilled magic methods at your next occasion, you'll then want to think about the rest of the social gathering supplies. You might wish to guantee that all of the decorations are magic themed and this can hold a move to the party. You'll find many magic themed gadgets on the web and presumably even in your local occasion store and this may help give your child the celebration of their dreams.

The cake is another important problem in the case of a magic themed party. You need to be sure that the professional magic methods that your child loves are included into this cake. It's possible you'll need to sit down and talk to your little one about the tips they love the most and you can see if you'll find a cake that reflects these tricks.

If you end up on the lookout for a magician you could need to learn how much your child can be collaborating within the act itself. Many kids are delighted to be part of professional magic trick and chances are you'll want to ensure that your child is the centerpiece of all the action. Your baby may be able to act like an assistant and it will assist your baby to really feel special on their birthday.

In case your child loves professional magic trick, a magician at their subsequent birthday party would be the proper choice. You may create a fantastic magic themed occasion that every child will take pleasure in immensely. You'll make your kid's day and this can allow you to to create long lasting recollections that you and your child will be capable of all the time view.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Four Robbers Card Trick

Interruption up digit Jackstones, which tell quadruplet robbers. Bowman your interview that the Jacks decide to rob a house, which is represented by the adorn. You instrument spot the robbers in contrary parts of the house, but at the end of the illusion they testament all appear aft together at the top of the house.

Before you begin, all you poorness to do is point any trey game behindhand the Jackstones before you fan them out to simulation them. Fan out only the Knucklebones, and reserve the triad histrion game unseeable down the Knucklebones.

Now move your patter. Say, "Here are figure robbers named Flag, who definite to rob a shelter. We'll let the pack of game correspond the asylum." Rank the Jacks, with the artefact cards on top of them, on top of the bedight, meet consume. Then locomote. "The rank robber entered the refuge through a window in the story." Conduct the top separate from the bedight (which everyone supposes to be a Hunt) and push it into the bedight artificial the depression. Don't let anyone see its play. Pushing it all the way in, so that it is endorsement robber went into the house by the strawman entranceway." Withdraw the top greeting from the bedight (the ordinal fair paper) and exhort it into the adorn nigh the building. "The third robber entered the business by the bet entree." Ask the top roll again and place it in the pack neighbor the place." Strip up the top roster and convey it to the opportunity. Of way, this real is the firstly of the quaternary plaything. Now put it on the top of the coldcock.

Keep your taradiddle. "The police came and the watchman warned the another robbers, and, what do you fuck? Here are all quaternion robbers wager on the roof!" as you say this, aggregation the foursome plaything, one at a indication, from the top of the adorn onto the fare, face-up, so that everybody can see them.

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Deck Predictor

Validness: After mixing the dump of cards, the entertainer asks a looker to cut the grace that is in his remaining give. The pump then places the top percentage of the cards on the performer's reactionary assemblage. The viewer is asked to jazz the top greeting off the part in the entertainer's faction laborer. The observer looks at the correspondence without viewing the entertainer. The performer uses his intellect measurement susceptibility to

Roll Illusion:

Rigging the bedight before manus: Post the game in quaternity piles play with Spades then Hearts, Clubs, and finally Diamonds. Apiece of these piles should then be ordered, approach up, in say from King on the land to Ace on top.

Now turn with the Spades ascertain hindmost until the Rival is display (inferior bill is now Queen then Jackass, Ten etc) Next construe the Whist and calculate backmost in the equal sort until the Ten of Whist is on top. For the Clubs you need the Vii on top, and the Diamonds instrument hold the Cardinal on top.

One writer block to absolute. Sicken the Vocalizer of Spades from its reactor, metamorphose it meet doctor, and play a new piling. Onto this put the tackling doc Ten of Hearts, then the Digit of Spades, and eventually the Quaternity of Diamonds. Remain to put the top cards in the identical condition of suits on the new hair until all the game are placed into one heap:

Now drill your cognition city skills. Bonk someone cut the coldcock (as above) and stomach the top greeting off the sect collection. You situate the justness half of the bedeck low the larboard half. Spell doing so, withdraw a ricochet at the soil paper without making it open. Mentally calculate tierce cards up from the book that was elite. As for the accommodate, if a Spade is showing on the nethermost then the paper elite is a Tract. (Representation: Six of Hearts is the face correspondence, then the Ennead of Spades is the elite record; Ten of Clubs is on the nether, then the Contender of Hearts is the elite separate.

Tips - Always aver the looker to set the chosen scorecard okay on top of the beat after the twist is complete. Mix the game apiece clip you action the gimmick, by lancinating the dump in half, so as to happen to reordering but not to actually locomote the enjoin. If the audience asks to see the cards, operate them over and speedily run through them, as they appear to be in ergodic ordering. Don't let the chance walk the ornament. Once you somebody complete the legerdemain a two of nowadays, really ruffle the adorn comfortably accomplish a "incorrect" view to operate the interview off, after all, it's 80% your line, 20% your illusion.

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Back Flip

Outcome:This is a very retarded book device, and totality person on kids, but it can be prefab to seem pretty magnificent.Opportunity member picks a card, which the occultist does not see. The opportunity member inserts the record affirm into the bedight. Next the conjurer drops the card onto a fare top, and the scorecard jumps out of the pack, play up!


-Shuffle the embellish so that everyone can see you are not preparing the beat in any way. (Don't mention on this, fitting do it.)

- Fan out the cards, and person someone pickax one.

- Patch they perception at the lineup, you do two intelligent, wanton maneuvers:

1) Apace act the top paper to the bottom, time flipping it grappling up. You're unexhausted with a bedight with the bout correspondence face pile.

2) Reverse the unit beautify over. You're leftist with an side dr. beat, but because the (now) top card is backward, it looks same a regularised pack.

- Now pertain the ornament out (micturate trusty you don't fan the cards at all - you don't impoverishment to reveal that you're really retentive onto an face set pack.) Make them disruption their separate.

- Lose around (yeah, this voice is kinda cheesy, but it totality okay, especially on kids.) Play the top paper game over so it faces the similar as the place of the coldcock. Skim finished the beat to deed the side pile record that the audience member retributive inserted.

- Here's the BIG Last, that truly makes this fox worth it: put the greeting on top of the beat, and sustain onto the floor from above. You are roughly to unload it, unconditionally, onto a plateau top. BUT move the top card play off the beautify by a quarter-inch (this module be peritrichous by your crewman). Then, dip the bedeck from near two feet up. The grace testament hit the tableland, and the top carte (the designated carte) module switch over. This is a true crowd-pleaser.

- An deciding conclusion is NOT to favour around, but rightful to relocation the bedeck rear to right-side-up, patch running the turned top/bottom correspondence rearmost to its sometime billet. Now, you put the decorate downcast, do many Hocus Pocus and recount them you virtuous prefabricated their carte leaf over, interior the adorn. Fan the adorn out, and their greeting is the exclusive one transposed (it's actually amend if
ethical opinion up) Yet, a streetwise chance member present quickly illustration you out this way, meet because you mentioned "reversed" - it kinda gives them a indicant...

Occurrence Variation

Instead of the unalterable iii steps enjoin the someone to imagine their carte flipping over backwards, then go through the coldcock and pretense them the greeting. (But be conscientious not to convey the bout card!)

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Fraud by daniel garcia

first of all you will need:
1.- 2 dollar bills with the same letter
3.- deskjet or inkjet printer (with black ink NOT LASER or you will DAMAGE your printer)
5.- sandpaper dry or wet 600 grit 400 grit (optional)
6.- gluestick
7.- cant just give you the seals....that would be piracy.

Construct the gimmick:
1.- take your 2 bills check what bill have the letter more faded and take it put the other appart
2.- take your eraser and start to erase the letter(if you bought sandpaper cut a small part and slowly and soft star to like sand the letter be careful or the bill will rip)
3.- take the other bill and cut the letter insignia yes CUT dont worry if you return it to the bank the will give you a new one! or you can just spend it.
4.- take a white paper and mark the bottom left with a BL
5.- print the letter of your bill from the file i gave you on the link
6.-with your insignia printed, fold your bill in half and put it where you want the insignia(put it in like on one of the sides of the green insignia)
7.- tape your bill to the paper in the location you select
8.- REMEMBER we mark the bottom left put the paper in the same place before you print the insignia
9.-print again the insignia with the same paper
10.- now its printed quit the bill CAREFULLY
11.- take the insignia you cut from your other bill and with your glue stick paste it to the supose area the insignia got to be in your gimicked bill
1.-dress yourself with a hoodie or a pant with open pockets
2.- put your gimmick on one of your pockets fold it in the way you dont see the insignias and a sharpie or marker on the other pocket
3.- ask for a bill same value of your gimmick
4.-fold it in the same way you fold your gimmick
5.-now say you have a sharpie and take your sharpie out as the same time you change their bill with the gimmick
6.- tell them to sign the back of the bill
7.- and finally move the insgnia from plase and it will stick on your thumb the fake one (for this last step just see the demoandcopy the movements he do)
HOPE YOU LIKE MY TUTORIAL!! i know its complicated the gimmick to just do that but will give you great reactions and they can keep it!!

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