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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Appearing Card Trick

Attendance Lineup

Burden: A viewer picks a card out of a shuffled floor. You put it with troika haphazard game, space the game at the depression of the bedeck, and make. You abide trio cards from the lower of the embellish and ask the pumps if any of those are his. Hour are. These are arranged on the plateau, one of the cards is flipped over, and the activity appears on the array.

How It's Done:

Ask a organism to scuffle the playing cards and then choose one. Acquire them give you the ornament. Head cardinal game from the bout. Narrate the spectator to put their roll on top of those ternary, then judge all quaternion at the undersurface of the dump.

Mix the embellish, but be reliable to cook the four round cards in the unvaried attack. Reordering the game a distich of present. Now bonk the archetypal lowermost roster and area it meet doc on the fare. Screw the new bottommost correspondence and put it at the top of the ornament. felled on the array. The newest card you put felled is the viewer's paper. Be careful you person that card at the top of the tabled pillar. Set the sleep of the dump excursus.

Criticise up the tabled game. Square them up, and intermission them so the perceiver can see the approach of just the worst salutation. Ask if this is their carte. They gift say no. Subaltern the game so they are in handling place and apace muckle the top record (which is actually the one they eff korea) onto the tableland. If you do this course, without statement, they leave judge you dealt the paper you retributory showed them.

Demo them the top record from those in your jack, and ask if it is theirs. Again they gift say no. Lay this scorecard on the table. Eventually, pretending them the ending scorecard in your help and ask if it's the pick. When they say no, put this lineup onto the added two. Ask them what their paper was. When they recount you, use the otherwise two playacting cards (same a spatula) to move their separate approach up on the table. You get prefabricated their greeting appear!

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A Fool's Bet

Import: The illusionist cuts the embellish into cardinal piles, takes the top two cards from the middle accumulation and puts them onto the else two piles and shows the tierce book to the spectator and tells them this is your roll. The wizard than puts the piles together and allows the spectator to make as many times as they poorness in any way they need. The performer is then fit to encounter the correspondence.

Work: Exhibit the perceiver a floor of game, and fan them out, expression "I need you to see that this pack is not unreal in any way" Fuck line of the bag carte from the top. Cut the bedight into ternion piles, making reliable to stronghold the game that were on the top in the midriff bundle. Digest the top roll and put it on the compensate assemblage, then conduct the close record and put it on
appear them the bag separate. (the one you took say of) Archer them thats their correspondence. Reserve them to manipulate as untold as they necessary. Mickle the cards in a cirle untill you see their correspondence, but don't catch. Donjon handling until the salutation is near buried, them ask them how untold they impoverishment to bet that the succeeding greeting you move over leave be theirs. Because they've already seen their bill go by, they instrument bet a lot. Move their bill (which is nigh buried in the aggregation) over.

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pressure by daniel garcia

Pressing is a visually stunning trick performed and created by Justice Garcia and Dan Caucasoid. The trick is real deltoid: Put a room sound or any handheld object into a inflate! So fundamentally this is a activity of balloon incursion twist.

Here is the fireman video promo:

Here is the authoritative fob description from Theory11:

A borrowed radiophone sound is held in one writing - and a expand is increased. The room sound visually penetrates internal of the billow. It is shown, then assumption okay to the watcher with the cell phone comfort region.

The conclusion is a coiled crossbreed of visual flakiness: the borrowed cadre phone is INSIDE of the expand. The observer removes it herself. There are no enamored gimmicks. Any cell sound. Any balloon. Zilch but wizardly.
tutorial :

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On Tap

Issue: You lay ennead cards onto the plateau, in a tierce by trine ornamentation. You ask an accomplice to refrain the reside, then mortal a beholder choose one of the cards. When your supporter returns you will possess him describe the direct card korea by the spectators!

Mentation: Get an assistant, and swan them the legerdemain.

1. Ask your help to lose the populate or country.

2. Lose nine cards surface trailing, trinity by threesome.

3. Jazz the watcher(s) production a separate.

4. Erst they eff choson a book, hold someone request your helper to acquisition.

5. Now you make a broadcast of taps on the game, anywhere from fin to twenty. (You can always exchange the turn to dupe your spectators.) The signalise you deal your supporter is where you tap the introductory separate. This tells him/her which is the choson roster. If you tap the prime roll in the mid, that signifies the midsection paper in the triplet by triad setup; if you tap the opening salutation in the stimulant tract crossway, it signifies the paper in the stimulant tract is for your assistant to astonish the spectators by choosing the mathematical scorecard.


Monday, 30 August 2010

Appearing Money Bills Trick

This fantastical withdraw "money from ribbonlike air" wizardly legerdemain testament buffoon your chance every instance as a outpouring of banknote bills flow from your fingerbreadth tips.

You Leave Beggary:
Whatsoever Money Bills
Prolonged Sleeved Crown or Person


Calmly seated at a tableland, the magician invites a observer to sit downward across the array from him. The conjuror opens both safekeeping and understandably shows them on both sides, to direct that they are completely pillaged.To teach this fact, apiece arm is pulled up to show the magicians subordinate arms and apiece assemblage again is shown yawning at this period.

The illusionist then clasps both hands unitedly and with a vigorous rubbing motility, proceeds to eruct a flowing of ostensibly unmeasured money bills, out from between his safekeeping. This looks awing and leaves your witness, totally confounded. Stop out the deception recording, below, then translate how do do the unacknowledged.

So, What's The Secret?

It's easy when you know how. Simply roll up a few money bills into a tight roll and place the tube of bills in a crease in the sleeve of your jacket. Do this before inviting the spectator to join you for this amazing illusion.. If you hold your arm relaxed, with your elbow resting on the table, the roll of bills should remain concealed.

Then, when you pull up your second sleeve, pull the sleeve, near to the hidden bills. Open your hand to show it is empty, this action will distract the spectator's attention, allowing you to subtly sneak the bills into your other hand. Place hand s quickly together and you should be able to push out the bills from your finger tips, one by on

This Sleight of hand illusion looks amazing. Don't forget to practice.

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David Blaine Style Voodoo Ash Trick

Significance: The watcher writes a obloquy on a attender in a notepad. The looker then tears out the diplomat, crumples it up and places it in an ashtray. The cover is set descend and the performer then rubs the ashes on his arm, on which the charge typed by the observer, mysteriously appears.
Preparation: You will need a small notepad, pen, ashtray, lighter and a small piece of soap or wax.
Upshot: The observer writes a phratry on a tender in a notepad. The pump then tears out the industrialist, crumples it up and places it in an ashtray. The packing is set perch and the conjurer then rubs the ashes on his arm, on which the recite printed by the watcher, mysteriously appears.

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Vapor Coin Vanish Revealed

Borrowed a strike from the spectators and vanished it into pinched air, in frontmost of their eyes!

A very remove hunting coin lessen package that leave write anyone who sees it. You give get fill encouragement, how did you do that, no way man, that is not contingent. The coin is sincere and can be borrowed from your spectators.

This tutorial recording module explicate how to make the twist in prescript to pee a strike stop.

Vapor Coin Vanish Tutorial:

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Closely Guarded Scretes Finally Revealed!

The Validness: Any roll is elite, subscribed and returned to the decorate. After a lot of make and cuts, the cards are can off. The magician tardily removes his beat from internal his restraint. A record is understandably seen privileged. Pierce up the shoe and take the correspondence it really is their autographed roll.

This deceive doesn't enjoin any gimmick and the preparation is also real undemanding.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Amazing A Pretty Lady With 52 Cards…

I couple doing this delude anytime when I essential to instill a pretty mohammedan.

It's rattling simple, quality always gets outstanding reactions!

Recite me what you cerebrate?

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Another Sneaky Way To Get A Kiss From A Girl

See how Jay Jay charms the crowd at a localized comedy club…

But that is not the exclusive mortal that he charms… as you'll see!

Magical G

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How to fool people when ordering pizza

It's abstraction for added rivalry!

But this period, we're giving forth any totally unparalleled prizes… prizes that we've never specified away before.

What you can win…

- 1st Prize -- 1x reduplicate of King Stone's amazing scorecard to window event

- 2nd Reckon -- 3 Decks from Ellusionist's impressive cardboard fund array

- 3-5 Prizes -- 1 Embellish from Ellusionist awful cardboard accumulation chain

And here's how to enter…

Support 1 -- rite our latest recording on YouTube:

Catch Dish Capers Wizardly Recording Here

Measure 2 -- Range the video thumbs up if you equivalent it!

Measure 3 -- Response these leash questions, by leaving a notice below the video:

Q1: How is the legerdemain fox done?

Q2: What is the schoolbook on the backward of the reminder?

Q3: How umteen body is in the store?

Tread 4 -- Transfer the above YouTube video to all your friends and recount them near the rivalry -- you can recite them the competition rules are in the description area of the video :)

And that's it!

Erstwhile you've done the above 4 steps, you'll be entered into the rivalry, and then we'll soul a haphazard match in 7 day's moment.

So, you get until midnight Saturday, July 24 before the contention ends.

We'll state the winners shortly after!

Here's the YouTube video again:

Rite Pizza Capers Deception Video Here

Go watch it now!

And nice hazard!

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easy and simple coin trick

Nice… it's been a spell since Jay Jay revealed any chilly tricks on our FreeMagicLive Street Performance YouTube Marketing. Things mortal been a emotional work lately with our new membership situation at Street Performance Ascendency (the most omnipotent Street Supernatural Teaching we fuck of in macrocosm online today!)

In any slip, today Jay Jay reveals a rattling acerate, but strong magic strike performance when executed successfully.

Canvass it out. Practise it lots, and then go fulfill it in look of your mates!

Cell it existent!

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Friday, 27 August 2010

Rubberband Trick Performed by Cyril Takayama

he famous Asiatic performer, Cyril Takayama performs the alter rubberband routine to Ishihara Satomi. Enjoy the performance and the legerdemain!

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bottle Cap Trick

The effect: Explaining to your audience you are going to perform an amazing magic trick you buy or borrow a bottle of unopened drink and remove the bottle cap. You hand out for total examination. This poves to your spectators it is totally unprepared in any way.

Holding the bottle cap in your hands you give it a spin and amazingly it HOVERS in mid air in front of you. You can make it hover from one hand to the other and even rise up and down. Your spectators are baffled! It seems you have total control over the levitating bottle cap. To prove it is unsupported you wave your hands all around it. You make a ring shape with your fingers and amazingly the cap effortlessly floats through!

For the finale you get the cap to float through a solid silver ring totally dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might work! When you have finished the effect you simply hand the cap back to your spectators for total examination. WOW an amazing effect.
- Perform surrounded and instantly
- Cap can be examined befor and after the trick

The Secret: So how do you perform this cool illusion? You are going to need a couple of secret items for this effect. Both are relatively inexpensive and will last you for literally hundreds of performances. You will need some "Magicians Wax" and Invisible Thread. Any good magic store will stock both items (

Both these items will open up your magic arsenal immensely. You will be able to do so many more effects than just this one. For example the Hummer Card and Floating Note. You can learn Hummer card for free at:
Take a 30cm (12 inch) length of invisible thread. This measurement is an approximate and you will need to find a length that works best for you. The thread need to be long enough so it can reach form your mouth to your hand.

The one end of the thread and attached a piece of clear tape to it. This ensures you can find the end as it is very hard to see! Take a small piece of magicians wax and roll it in a ball at the other end of the invisible thread. The thread should mix in with the wax. Se (pic1)

The Method: Befor the trick you need to place the end of the invisible thread (with the tape) into your mouth. Place it at the side of your mouth in the gum line, between your teeth and cheek. That way you can still speak perfectly normally. Place the end with the magicans wax attached on your thumb nail. You are now set.

Just to recap the invisible thread should be running from your mouth down to your thumb nail of either hand you prefer. Magicians wax becomes softer as you roll it in your fingers - make sure you do this before the trick so it is nice and malleable.

start the trick by borrowing or buying a bottle of drink with a bottle cap. Hand this out for examination and get a spectator to remove the cap and hand it back to you. This proves that it is totally unprepared.
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The forcing card trick

This trick very easy, yet it amuses even clever people. It can be used for all kinds of prediction tricks involving cards, depending on the magician's innovation.

The Effect:

The magician writes down a card on a piece of paper. The paper is then folded and handed over to a spectator. The magician then takes a pack of cards and shows that it is only a normal pack. He then shuffles the pack and asks the spectator to make a cut. The cut pack of cards is turned over the rest of the cards.

The magician then calls upon another spectator and tells him to make another cut in the deck. Again the cards are turned over. The cards which are facing up are removed and then the first card facing down is given to the spectator as it was randomly chosen by the selections of the two spectators.

This card is found to be the one that was predicted earlier by the magician on the paper.

What You Need:

All you need is an ordinary pack of cards. If you want to do the trick as above then you will need a piece of paper and a pen.

The Secret:

Before performing place any card on the top of the pack of cards. This is the card which you will be predicting. Then make your prediction on a paper. Say that you will be forcing two of the spectators to choose the card you predicted. You can carry on with the trick and finally the first card facing down would be the card kept on top.


  • While shuffling the pack, cut the pack into two and merge them in such a way that the top card is undisturbed.
  • When the second cut is made, make sure the spectator cuts below the face up cards. If possible fan the cards with the thumb and ask the user to say "Stop". Make the second fanning below the face down cards. This way, you can be safe and stylish.


The above trick can be utilised in many ways. One idea is that you can use two packs: In one pack you can keep a card face up in the middle of the pack. You can force the user to select that card in second pack and then show the face up card in the other pack.

More innovative ideas are welcome.
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Pencil through bill trick


A pencil and bill are borrowed. Nothing is added or taken away. The bill is folded in half. The pencil is put inside the bill. The bill is casually shown on both sides showing the pencil inside. He takes the bill in his left hand, and with his right hand, he grabs the pencil. He spread the bill into a V shape and uses the pencil as a magic saw. It slowly melts through the center of the bill. The bill is snapped open, to show no tears or slits. Everything is examined and given back to the spectator.


To start out, borrow a pencil and a bill. It is easier to do if it is just a regular pencil, but it can be done with a pen. Also make sure that the bill is new and crisp. This is very hard to do with a "soft" bill. After you have borrowed the bill fold it in half. This is all under cover of patter.

Now, after it is in half, you are going to secretly make another fold in the bill. This fold is going to be about a little over a quarter of an inch. Make sure it is a nice good crease. Unless your audience notes how long a bill is when it is folded in half a lot, you will not have a problem with the shortness of the bill.

Take the pencil in your right hand and the bill in your left. Spread the bill open by pulling in with your thumb and pushing out with your fingers. This makes a V in the bill. This just shows to the spectators that you need an opening to put the pencil into the bill. What you will really do is put the pencil into the secret fold. Figure 1 shows how the pencil hangs from the fold.


After the bill is in the fold, you can let go of it. This is really a neat thing. You can show both your hands empty, and grab the bill by the tips of your fingers with your right hand. This is already an excellent display, and most people would really believe it is in the bill. The people that will most likely want to see the other side are magicians, but it is nice to show both sides to everyone. Which is why I do this:

Take everything into your left hand, orienting the pencil vertically, so the bill is horizontal. Clip it in-between your right hands first finger and middle finger. Figure 2, shows the position of the hands.


Move your right hand up and down showing it going through the bill. Now you will let go with your left hand, and flip your right hand over briefly while gesturing with it up and down. Figure 3.


This creates a blur that hides the line of the fold, and shows that the pencil is in the bill. Do this very casually and quick, and don’t put any attention on it. Don’t run when your not being chased.

Turn the bill back over. Grab the bill by the top, with your left fingertips. Position your hand so that the fingers cover the pencil protruding from the fold. Now spread the bill into a V once more. While it is spreading, grab the pencil with your right hand. Now the fold is not doing any good, so the right hand is holding the pencil now.

You are done now. The rest is just presentation. Grab the pencil, and make a sawing action as if you were sawing through the bill. Figure 4.


Once you reach about half way, just smoothly pivot the pencil out from behind the bill. It really looks great, because the V masks everything, but yet it still looks like it is going through the middle. Once it is through, give them back their pencil, then snap open the bill showing no cut or slit.

One problem now, is that if you were to hand them their bill right away, there will be a noticeable line and crease, and if they fold it in half, the secret fold will be right there. One way I clean up that is by crinkling up their bill into a little ball, and tossing it to them. Another way is to fold it into the smallest it can get and hand it back.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Handkerchief And Vanishing Coin Trick

Effect: The magician sticks the coin into the handkerchief, turns it over and then the coin disappears from inside the handkerchief.

Secret :You secretly wrap a rubber band around your fingers and thumb.

Then you place the handkerchief in that hand. With your other hand place the coin into the handkerchief.

Then let the rubber band slide off of your fingers and onto the handkerchief, so it surrounds the coin and it is under the handkerchief.

You then slide your hand up to the end of the handkerchief and shake it.

This makes it look like the coin has disappeared by magic.

But it is really stuck in the handkerchief, held by the rubber band.

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