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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

pressure by daniel garcia

Pressing is a visually stunning trick performed and created by Justice Garcia and Dan Caucasoid. The trick is real deltoid: Put a room sound or any handheld object into a inflate! So fundamentally this is a activity of balloon incursion twist.

Here is the fireman video promo:

Here is the authoritative fob description from Theory11:

A borrowed radiophone sound is held in one writing - and a expand is increased. The room sound visually penetrates internal of the billow. It is shown, then assumption okay to the watcher with the cell phone comfort region.

The conclusion is a coiled crossbreed of visual flakiness: the borrowed cadre phone is INSIDE of the expand. The observer removes it herself. There are no enamored gimmicks. Any cell sound. Any balloon. Zilch but wizardly.
tutorial :


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