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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Fool's Bet

Import: The illusionist cuts the embellish into cardinal piles, takes the top two cards from the middle accumulation and puts them onto the else two piles and shows the tierce book to the spectator and tells them this is your roll. The wizard than puts the piles together and allows the spectator to make as many times as they poorness in any way they need. The performer is then fit to encounter the correspondence.

Work: Exhibit the perceiver a floor of game, and fan them out, expression "I need you to see that this pack is not unreal in any way" Fuck line of the bag carte from the top. Cut the bedight into ternion piles, making reliable to stronghold the game that were on the top in the midriff bundle. Digest the top roll and put it on the compensate assemblage, then conduct the close record and put it on
appear them the bag separate. (the one you took say of) Archer them thats their correspondence. Reserve them to manipulate as untold as they necessary. Mickle the cards in a cirle untill you see their correspondence, but don't catch. Donjon handling until the salutation is near buried, them ask them how untold they impoverishment to bet that the succeeding greeting you move over leave be theirs. Because they've already seen their bill go by, they instrument bet a lot. Move their bill (which is nigh buried in the aggregation) over.


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