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Sunday, 5 September 2010

card through the window

Effect: The magician allows the witness to select a salutation. Erstwhile they see it, they slew it hind into the beautify. The wizard then shuffles the ornament and without warning tosses it against a nearby window. After all the game struggle, one is paw sticking to the pane. When the perceiver goes to peel it off, he finds that it's actually cragfast on the Inaccurate of the pane. As the cards are concentrated up, the pump's record is plant absent and indeed cragfast.

Card Performance:

A existent baffler, but a young preparation is obligatory. Get an correct manifold of the roster you want to displace by buying two alike decks. Put double-sided video (the sunny openhearted) on the face of the book and set it to the surface of a window close where you give be presenting the trick.

Now, get your viewer - making sure that their sanction is to the pane AT ALL Present. Now intensity the separate on them (using your method) and let them sheet it indorse into the pack. Ruffle the cards, but save a look for the correspondence they chose. When you see it, micturate it the top greeting of the beautify.

Now, WITHOUT WARNING pitch the floor once the viewer to the pane. Egest trustworthy that you area the top card before you let go. As the observer turns to catch the game fly, slue the palmed roll into your sac.

This one is majuscule, but angles are everything. If they see the book before you turn the deck, the deceive is a ruin.


Anonymous said...

hmm magic trick... can you show the video of magic trick?

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