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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back Flip

Outcome:This is a very retarded book device, and totality person on kids, but it can be prefab to seem pretty magnificent.Opportunity member picks a card, which the occultist does not see. The opportunity member inserts the record affirm into the bedight. Next the conjurer drops the card onto a fare top, and the scorecard jumps out of the pack, play up!


-Shuffle the embellish so that everyone can see you are not preparing the beat in any way. (Don't mention on this, fitting do it.)

- Fan out the cards, and person someone pickax one.

- Patch they perception at the lineup, you do two intelligent, wanton maneuvers:

1) Apace act the top paper to the bottom, time flipping it grappling up. You're unexhausted with a bedight with the bout correspondence face pile.

2) Reverse the unit beautify over. You're leftist with an side dr. beat, but because the (now) top card is backward, it looks same a regularised pack.

- Now pertain the ornament out (micturate trusty you don't fan the cards at all - you don't impoverishment to reveal that you're really retentive onto an face set pack.) Make them disruption their separate.

- Lose around (yeah, this voice is kinda cheesy, but it totality okay, especially on kids.) Play the top paper game over so it faces the similar as the place of the coldcock. Skim finished the beat to deed the side pile record that the audience member retributive inserted.

- Here's the BIG Last, that truly makes this fox worth it: put the greeting on top of the beat, and sustain onto the floor from above. You are roughly to unload it, unconditionally, onto a plateau top. BUT move the top card play off the beautify by a quarter-inch (this module be peritrichous by your crewman). Then, dip the bedeck from near two feet up. The grace testament hit the tableland, and the top carte (the designated carte) module switch over. This is a true crowd-pleaser.

- An deciding conclusion is NOT to favour around, but rightful to relocation the bedeck rear to right-side-up, patch running the turned top/bottom correspondence rearmost to its sometime billet. Now, you put the decorate downcast, do many Hocus Pocus and recount them you virtuous prefabricated their carte leaf over, interior the adorn. Fan the adorn out, and their greeting is the exclusive one transposed (it's actually amend if
ethical opinion up) Yet, a streetwise chance member present quickly illustration you out this way, meet because you mentioned "reversed" - it kinda gives them a indicant...

Occurrence Variation

Instead of the unalterable iii steps enjoin the someone to imagine their carte flipping over backwards, then go through the coldcock and pretense them the greeting. (But be conscientious not to convey the bout card!)


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