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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fraud by daniel garcia

first of all you will need:
1.- 2 dollar bills with the same letter
3.- deskjet or inkjet printer (with black ink NOT LASER or you will DAMAGE your printer)
5.- sandpaper dry or wet 600 grit 400 grit (optional)
6.- gluestick
7.- cant just give you the seals....that would be piracy.

Construct the gimmick:
1.- take your 2 bills check what bill have the letter more faded and take it put the other appart
2.- take your eraser and start to erase the letter(if you bought sandpaper cut a small part and slowly and soft star to like sand the letter be careful or the bill will rip)
3.- take the other bill and cut the letter insignia yes CUT dont worry if you return it to the bank the will give you a new one! or you can just spend it.
4.- take a white paper and mark the bottom left with a BL
5.- print the letter of your bill from the file i gave you on the link
6.-with your insignia printed, fold your bill in half and put it where you want the insignia(put it in like on one of the sides of the green insignia)
7.- tape your bill to the paper in the location you select
8.- REMEMBER we mark the bottom left put the paper in the same place before you print the insignia
9.-print again the insignia with the same paper
10.- now its printed quit the bill CAREFULLY
11.- take the insignia you cut from your other bill and with your glue stick paste it to the supose area the insignia got to be in your gimicked bill
1.-dress yourself with a hoodie or a pant with open pockets
2.- put your gimmick on one of your pockets fold it in the way you dont see the insignias and a sharpie or marker on the other pocket
3.- ask for a bill same value of your gimmick
4.-fold it in the same way you fold your gimmick
5.-now say you have a sharpie and take your sharpie out as the same time you change their bill with the gimmick
6.- tell them to sign the back of the bill
7.- and finally move the insgnia from plase and it will stick on your thumb the fake one (for this last step just see the demoandcopy the movements he do)
HOPE YOU LIKE MY TUTORIAL!! i know its complicated the gimmick to just do that but will give you great reactions and they can keep it!!


Chris McNertney said...

What's the link?

Amy said...

I wanted to know how this trick was done but this tutorial was horrible! Try practicing English more than magic tricks. If your spoken language is as bad as this I don't have any idea how you communicate at all!

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