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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Back to Back card Force magic

We'll assume that the card to be forced is the 9 of Spades.
Place this card face up on prime of the face down pack, place another card,
additionally face up, above it and prime all with a face down card to hide the
When it's essential to drive the 9 of Spades, hold a break
beneath it with the left little finger. Riffle the outer finish of the pack with
the precise second finger, asking a spectator to name “cease” anywhere he
wishes. When informed to stop, curl all four right fingers around the outer
end of the playing cards into the huge opening. As this happens, the fitting thumb
(which is on the internal end of the pack) pushes ahead the three playing cards
above the break for about the width of the same old white border. Now
move the correct thumb to the outer edge of the playing cards (Figure 1 ), grip the
entire packet of cards and turn it face up on top of the lower packet,
however stepped back about one inch (Figure 2). When the precise hand grip
is launched, the slender margin of the three jogged playing cards shall be visible at
the inside end. By bringing the precise hand over the pack, the tip of the
proper thumb can press down barely on the jogged playing cards to form a
break. This action will be seen in Figure 2.

Transfer the appropriate hand ahead, release the three cards so they arrive
sq. with the bottom portion of the pack, and proceed shifting the

right finish ahead and away from the outer finish of the bottom packet
of playing cards, carrying the highest packet with it, then putting it on the table.
The Nine of Spades is now the highest card of the packet within the left
hand, the looks having been that that is the cardboard stopped at when


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