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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Riffle Force Dai Vernon Card Magic

Maintain a break with the left little finger above the card to be forced.
Determine 1 exhibits how the pack is held in the left hand with the cards
throughout the fingers, enabling the best hand to come excessive of the
pack for the second and third fingers to riffle the outer end.

As the playing cards are riffled, ask a spectator to say “stop”, then cease
riffling anyplace he says. Make a wide opening on the outer end by
bending the playing cards up as in the photograph. The upward bend and a
slight upward turn of the left hand allows the face card of the bent up
packet to be seen. Say, “As this card has been seen, we'll take the
one below”. Close the outer end and carry the internal end at the break
with a type of see-noticed movement, then pull again the top packet just a little
to permit the guidelines of the two right center fingers to push the drive card
forward for it to be taken (Determine 2).
To drive three or more playing cards by this methodology, have the drive cards
in the top third of the pack and maintain a break above them. The primary
card is pressured exactly as described, then as the highest packet is returned
to the pack, maintain the break again. Under-cut a few dozen cards
from the bottom of the pack to the top. Perform the same drive as
earlier than for the second card to be taken. Once more undercut a couple of dozen
playing cards from the bottom to the top and repeat the pressure, however riffle slowly
from the bottom.
A keen observer will see that the playing cards don't all come from the
identical a part of the pack.
When making a riffle, contrive to have “cease” called at in regards to the
center twenty or thirty cards.


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