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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

How to make A Drink With 4 Flavor

Magic Tips Tutorial:
* The way to make 4 flavored drinks in 1 glass, taste the rainbow ! We will present you the best way to make drinks for greats events, it is a amazing magic tips for kids with a Sweet-tooth!
Supplies Want:

* 5 Glasses
* Meals Coloring
* Sugar
* Tablespoon
* Water


1. Step 1, is to put 1 table spoon of sugar in the 1st glass, 2 desk spoon of sugar in a the second glass, 3 desk spoon of sugar in a 3rd glass and four table spoon of sugar for the last glass.
2. Put 3 desk spoon of water in every glass then choose a coloring for each of them.
3. Stir fastidiously until the sugar is dissolved.
4. The more sugar, the heavier the water.
5. Start with the heaviest one and the following one etc...till the lightest is on the highest!
6. Pour them down from the facet, in order that they wont mix up together with your drink!

* Make sure that to begin with the heaviest so i will likely be a hit! Strive different flavours with each different degree four flavours in a single drink be inventive and have enjoyable!

Magic Tricks Tutorial Clarification/Reveal Magic Tips:

* Magic methods revealed, in this chemistry magic tips adding sugar in the water make the weight heavier so the more sugar the heavier then by slowly adding the lighter liquid from the aspect it won't destroy the decrease layer so be careful and luxuriate in


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