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Sunday, 26 December 2010


With the pack on the table, grip the ends between the second
fingers and thumbs. Elevate the pack slightly and lower it into two halves,
the underside half to the left. As the packets part, curl the information of the
third fingers below every end.
Assume the 4 bottom playing cards must be reversed. Start by
riffling off the four bottom cards of the left hand packet with the left
thumb, then continue the riffle with the appropriate hand, riffling alternately
till the riffling is complete. In Figure 1 the arms have been turned
as much as present the position of the cards. Notice how the riffling is being
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done at the sides of
the packets as an alternative
of at the corners.
P u s h the
packets straight collectively
till the
playing cards jam. Preserve
the left hand still
and tilt up the pack
with the appropriate
hand, but miss the
backside four playing cards
with the r i g h t
thumb in order that these
cards remain in the
horizontal position
until the pack is sort of
on e d g e .
Transfer the l e f t
to t h e
and pinch them between
the thumb
and third finger.
Tilt up the four
playing cards, nose to nose with the playing cards of the pack, covered from the front by
the wall of cards and from the perimeters by the cupped fingers (Figure 2-
rear view), which push the playing cards together and squares them. This
methodology of squaring up cards is one in common use and excites no suspicion.


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