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Saturday, 25 December 2010


Readers shall be accustomed to the trick in which the pack is riffled
at the outer end and a spectator requested to consider anyone card he sees.
The title of the card considered is then stated, or the cardboard itself situated
by the performer. The usual technique is for a slight pause to be made
within the riffling, causing one card to be seen extra clearly than some other-
in truth it's usually the only card which will be recognised.
It is a intelligent precept and creates a powerful impression, providing
the spectator isn't aware of the truth that he has just one choice.
Having been requested to think of any card he sees, he's anxious to get one
firmly fixed in his mind as the cards are riffled before his eyes-one is
seen clearly, so he fastens his mind on it with a feeling nearly of relief.
The result is primarily based upon sound psychological ideas, and with
apply a performer will be nearly sure of success each time.
In Dai Vernon’s method the outer end of the pack is riffled
quickly, however when in regards to the centre is reached the remaining cards are
bent back additional than before and a break is held immediately the
extra bending commences. That is easy because the hands work in
unison, the left second finger tip transferring in to carry the break. The
further bend ensures that the break is held, for when the primary card (the
one which can be clearly seen) of the bent packet is released, the left
second finger tip nearly automatically suits into the widened gap. The
further bending causes no considerable pause within the riffling, however more of
the face of the cardboard is seen, in actual fact with a fast riffle, this is the only
card which could be seen clearly enough to be identified. After the
riffling has been accomplished it's a easy matter to switch the break to
the left little finger.
A nice form of presentation is to say, “Some people have quicker
imaginative and prescient than others. For instance, if I riffle a pack of playing cards shortly, like
this (achieve this and hold the break as described) it's almost impossible for
a person to determine a card until he has a really quick thoughts”. Often
the spectator will say that he did see a card and a robust impact is registered
when that very same card is produced in a dramatic manner. The
essential factor with this presentation is that the spectator doesn't
suppose that the trick has commenced and he's flattered to think that he
has unusually fast vision.
Some performers try to accomplish the slight hesitation in the
riffling by holding a break beforehand, others use a brief card or have a
step within the pack. In all instances the hesitation which occurs is apparent to
a eager observer. The sharper bend as described causes no appreciable
pause, or break within the riffling sound and is infinitely superior.


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