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Friday, 24 December 2010

PLAY IT BY EAR magic trick

Danny Archer is among the most talented and versatile performers on the earth of magic. I am proud that he has
determined to share this reputation-maker. Danny says of this, his impact:
“This is one among my favorite impromptu routines to do. The props are borrowed, you start with a funny gag, and then
amaze them with a startling trick. This is not a trick for giant audiences and works best if the performer and the
audience are each standing. If you find yourself beginning the effect, make a giant deal about the truth that the quarter will
vanish on the depend of three. Properly performed, it would focus all the eye on the coin and they will miss the vanish of
the pen. As you flip around to reveal the place the pen is, the RH factors to the pen as you have a look at them and keep
talking. Because the LH is ditching the coin, it helps to lean barely again in your heels, as this backward lean will help
maintain the left elbow from poking out (which might tip where the quarter really goes). The LH doesn't enter the
pocket. It stops at the pocket’s edge and kind of tosses the quarter in. I came up with the concept of reproducing the
quarter from my shoe, because after they see their quarter is gone, they will ask for it back. If you dress in
the morning, drop 1 / 4 in every shoe and you’re able to do the trick twice! If you happen to attain in your pocket and give
them a quarter (even should you clarify that this is NOT their quarter but another quarter you just happen to have, it kills
the effect). If I don’t have a quarter loaded in my shoe and I do this effect, I DO NOT return their coin. So if you
choose to do that trick, be careful concerning the measurement and temperament of the individual from whom you borrow the coin.”
The trick is straightforward to do, but will require some practice to get the timing and misdirection down. Borrow 1 / 4 and
a pen. You could stand together with your left side facing the spectators. The quarter is held in the LH between the thumb and
first two fingers and the pen is in the RH. You name consideration to the quarter by tapping it a couple of times with the pen as
you state “This quarter will disappear right earlier than your eyes on the count of three…”

Hold the quarter about waist excessive, and bend slightly at the waist which will drive the spectator’s consideration downward.
Raise your RH so that the pen is behind your ear (in the event you have been to let go of the pen at this point, it could stay in place).
Deliver your hand downward and as the pen hits the coin you say “ONE.” The depend of two is the same. As your arm
raises to begin the count of “THREE,” leave the pen behind the ear, and as your hand comes down on the depend of
“THREE,” your hand is seen empty. In case you are slightly bent on the waist, straighten up and turn your head so that the
pen is just not seen prematurely. They may not discover that the pen has vanished, (remember you informed them the coin
would disappear). Now, flip your entire body a hundred and eighty degrees, so that your right facet is facing the viewers, look them
proper within the eye, and with you RH, level to the pen behind your ear. As you might be pointing with the RH, your LH strikes
to the opening of your pants pocket, and drops the quarter in. Hold your LH as if it still held the quarter (fingers
pointing to the ceiling), and with the RH, tap the pen towards the LH thumbnail as you say, “No, the coin did not
disappear, it’s still proper here.”
Take the pen within the RH, and as you go to hit the quarter, let the pen strike the tip of the thumbnail as you open your
LH to point out that the quarter really has disappeared! After they ask where the quarter is and might they have it back
(and they're going to ask), present your palms empty, stamp- your foot, untie your shoe and let them see for themselves as
the quarter drops from the show into your hand. Hand quarter again to spectator (they might not need it back) to finish.
If attainable borrow the props. If these things aren't available, you should use a straw, pencil, or cigarette rather than the
pen. Any small flat object can be utilized for the quarter.


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