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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Classic Force Trick


You fan the playing cards and the spectator takes the one card that you just already know the identification of. The chances are infinite for what you can do with this. It appears like a totally free choice to the spectators, however you'll start to hit the exact card about 95% of the time should you use these easy strategies about the traditional force beneath:


First, a little historical past on this trick...

The basic force.

Many beginner magicians do not do this as a result of they suppose it takes an excessive amount of practice. That is the secret to this trick. Each time you might be having somebody choose a card, it is best to try to drive a card to them.

If you happen to miss and they choose one other card, have a unique trick ready in order that it would not appear like you messed up. In the event that they take the card, great! You might be ready to perform a miracle.

Learn their thoughts, find the card, pull a prediction out of your shoe with that card on it, etc...

This is tips on how to do the traditional card force...

Start with the card you wish to pressure on prime of the deck. Lower the deck in your hands so that the top card(drive card) is now close to the middle of the deck and fan the cards. As you do this, control where this high card is. Naturally it's spaced out a bit greater than the remainder of the cards. Fan the cards with two hands. It is okay if there's a pure hole, that may help you keep your eye on the pressure card. If you need, you possibly can even put a light-weight pencil mark on the card as you are beginning to be taught this trick.

Start to transfer the playing cards from the left into your right hand by pulling them over along with your proper thumb.

Timing is the key to this, but so is a bit "sincere" psychologicial manipulation. Ask the individual to choose a card. (Specificially, I will say "Choose any card you want, after which mutter "It would not matter") That often gets them to chill out a little and makes it work even better! Now, as they attain up to pick a card, time it so that at about this time you get to the cardboard you need them to take and make it easy for them to take this card. Nonchalantly unfold the playing cards a bit more and information this card right into their outstretched finger tips.

As you do that, you are going to be really stunned about how simple it is to pressure feed a card right into their fingers nearly every time. You'll be able to even enhance the effect if on the finish of your trick you reiterate that they may have taken ANY card and it will have labored the exact same way. After all, your secret is secure with me that if they'd picked some other card, you would have needed to do an entirely totally different magic trick!

Apply this and you are able to do it anwhere, with any deck of cards, below all kinds of conditions. I love it! You'll too.


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