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Monday, 10 January 2011

How to make the Clock Stop

Magic Methods Tutorial - Magic Clock:
* You are an intelligent did we do this?....The stopping time trick has been properly used with well-known avenue magicians all over the world, but we managed to figure it out... Can you revealed without studying the explanation?
Materials Need:
* Clock
1. First I would like to substantiate that each one watches/clocks are real and that i am not pushing any buttons.
2. How do i do this? One low-cost clock nothing special!
3. Watch the second hand close on this video.
4. Acquired a concept? keep watching!
5. This also works at watches and I dont need to touch it
6. Bought have some concepts? bet your thinking i cant do it with a digital watch
7. Effectively? Good luck in revealing it!
* Do not ever use any costly clock! This tips tutorial may injury you clock or watch.
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tips:
* Magic secrets revealed, in this magictrick there's only one thing we need and that's magnet.
we use the magnet to stop the clock.


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