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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mistake Card Force


A spectator names a number from 10 to 30 and the magician counts down to the card. Amazingly it matches the previously written prediction, or you have got simply compelled a spectator to take a card that you simply already know what it is, so you may proceed with your individual variation.


You power a card by mistake! You should fake to mess up for this to work. Place the cardboard that you simply need to drive to them within the seventh place in the deck.

Ask them to call any number from 10 to 30.

For instance, they are saying 16.

Begin counting cards down onto the table right into a pile. One, two, three, 4,...Keep counting however go previous 16. sixteen + 7 = 23. So go to 23 and say, "Whoops. I went to far...right here you higher do it! It's going to be extra fair that method anyway!" Pick up the 23 cards and put them again on the deck.

What you have simply performed is placed the power card in the actual place of the card they are going to cease on!

Have them do exactly what you were presupposed to do and when they get to quantity 16 that would be the card.

Other tips for this card trick:

You don't have to at all times use 10 to 30. You can use different numbers. It simply wouldn't make as much sense if someone mentioned 2, and also you counted all the best way to 9, proper? You might increase it to five to 40, however 5 would still be pretty short, and 40 could be so long you may lose some of the pleasure of the trick.

Very cool idea for learn how to force a card, huh? Good factor is, it takes solely a second or two to learn to do it, and then you can do it with a borrowed deck.


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