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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coin Bite Trick Revealed

Magic Methods Tutorial - Magic Coin:
This coin magic methods - coin bite methods made well-known by the road magician David Blaine is VERY simple however extraordinarily effective, appropriate for child magic methods!
Materials Want:

* Modified Coin - watch The right way to make the modified Coin Magic Methods

1. Get a coin, the true coin is real.
2. Nevertheless it has been modified, to simply fold in half.
3. Viewing from the front you cant tell that the coin is modified.
4. But behind you are pinching the modified coin.
5. To repair the coin, simply let your thumb slip.


* The viewers is shown a coin that is simply seems regular, they gasp as youtake a bite. Amazingly you manage to do it, however that's only half the tricks...You resolve that cash style pretty disgusting, so you spit it out repairing the coin.

Magic Methods Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tips:

* Magic secrets revealed, in these coin magic tricks we disguise the opposite facet of the modified coin, showing the only the entrance and with the correct view no one will discover that the coin it modified.


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