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Sunday, 9 January 2011

How to Make Ultimate Color Smoke Bomb

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Bomb:
* A step by step wonderful magic tips tutorial from begin to finish, on the best way to make the last word coloured smoke bomb that's used in army spec.
Supplies Want:
* Potassium Nitrate/Salt Peter(60g)
* Sugar(40g)
* Baking Soda
* Organic Powdered Dye

1. Combine Potassium and Sugar in a pan.
2. Put the pan on a low heat and stir, till the sugar be caramelize.
3. Keep stirring until it seems to be like peanut butter.
4. Add 1 spoon of baking soda so this may slowly combustion.
5. Add three giant spoons of dye ( orange or blue works finest) ~ on this video orange was use!
6. Mix it thoroughly.
7. Fill a card tube with blended substance, and then put a thick pen into blended substance
8. Leave it for 1 hour.
9. The shape it has fashioned using the pen as a mold will give best results
10. Remove pen,then insert the firework fuse and secure with cotton wool.
11. Wrap with duct tape.
12. All finished but remember a hole on the top
* When a smoke bomb is fired, this will makes a white smoke reaction and the natural dye will be evaporates by the heat.
* This chemistry magic tips is likely to be a cool magictricks for teenagers but it's also not appropriate for kids.

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Methods:

* Magic secrets revealed, the potassium chlorate is think about as our oxidizer, the sugar is think about as our gasoline, the baking soda is used to keep up the speed of the reaction and to prevent it from getting too hot, and a powdered organic dye is used for colored smoke.


Anonymous said...

awesome I wish you can make another one for the color blue. :D

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