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Saturday, 15 January 2011

How to have a very cool pub trick

Magic Tips Tutorial - Magic Hand:
* Think Your Robust? Try This Trick Then Watch Your Pals Squeeze With Pain!
Materials Need:
* A buddy who smokes
* A lit Cigarette
* A drink with ice


1. First hold the drinks, without anybody seeing remove the ice cube.
2. Squeeze ice beneath desk!
3. When finger is numb, now ask your friend for the cigarette he is smoking.
4. Take one drag, then use your numb finger to squeeze the smoke.
5. You will not burn and damage yourself.
* For this magictricks, your pals they will appear like wimps for getting burn in making an attempt it!
Magic Tips Tutorial Clarification/Reveal Magic Tricks:

* Magic secrets revealed, for the pores and skin to get burn, it requires to be heat up, but if your finger is pre-cooled and doesnt have time to get burn.


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