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Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Impossible Knot

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Knot:

* In this magic tips, it'll show you on learn how to tie an ideal safe knot that you just WONT BE ABLE TO UNTIE IT... After it's tied, your only selection is to chop it to get it off...
Materials Need: (select one)
* Rope
* String

1. Start with 2 ends, coil down the rope twice and slide finish via both loops, rigorously tighten.
2. With the other finish do the same.
3. Following the rope to finish, simply pull tight one facet then you will have a 4 neat row
on the other 2 crosses.
* For those who used a thick rope it will come undone, eventually with plenty of work however as for string/ fishing line/wire or anything skinny, it should never come undone,you'll have to reduce it!
Magic Tips Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Methods:
* Magic secrets revealed, in this magic knots the interior rope that we have tighten is the one exit to untie this magic knots, so after we use a skinny string we won't probably see the suitable knot to undone it!


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