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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Magic Sand

Magic Methods Tutorial - Magic Sand:
* If solely folks can made beaches using these items!
Supplies Want:
* Water Proof Sand
1. First open pot of sand(any colour is fine)
2. After we 1st have a look at it, nothing unusual.
3. So we add water to it.
4. After we blended it, the sand would not look very normal
5. Higher be certain that its blended, attempt to blended it about 30 seonds
6. Later, it might looks about done.
7. Lastly attempt to remove the sand from the water!
8. WTF? it's dry!
* You may carry out this straightforward magictricks anyplace you like it's easy and very amazing!

Magic Methods Tutorial Clarification/Reveal Magic Tricks:

* Magic secrets and techniques revealed, on this chemistry magic methods we used a water proof sand that's why the sand will all the time me attempt then seems to be very solidified and sticky within the water.


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