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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Make Spontaneous Combustion

Magic Cotton:
* A New Manner To MAKE FIRE, When Matches, Or Even a 9v Battery Wont Do...
Materials Need:
* Superglue - click right here to buy
* Cotton wool/ thread/ Materials - click on right here to purchase

1. First put the cotton into steel dish.
2. Add a lot of superglue, then you will start to see white vapor coming from the cotton.
3. do not breath it in, it is extremely dangerous!
4. After a couple of minutes your materials will begin to get warm.
5. And begin to "Sizzle"!
* Make sure you do this outdoors you'll be able to try it your self however watch out!
Magic Methods Tutorial Clarification/Reveal Magic Tricks:
* Magic secrets and techniques revealed, in this chemistry magic tips there is a spontaneous combustion effect whenever you add the superglue to the cotton and it will burn for a long time once more don't breath in the fumes!


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